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Times Reporters Discuss Their Experiences Outside the Capitol

Matt, your reflection on the night before reminds me of an interview that still sticks with me. I was interviewing a married couple from Abilene, Texas, at the Ellipse. I’m not sure if they participated in the attack on the Capitol later. They were adamant that Trump’s false statements about the election being rigged were true. But they also said, “We’re not going to tear down, burn up, hurt people” if the electoral vote was finalized, but they would “fight again.” When I asked them to elaborate, another man jumped in to say, “We’re 30 seconds away at any time in this country at any time from a revolution. We’re waiting, and we’re ready.” He turned before he could give me his name, but that gave me a sense that the tension at this rally was maybe higher than I had witnessed all year.

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