Hosea Roberson, one of the oldest WWII veterans, to be honored at Twins game

MINNEAPOLIS — One of Minnesota’s oldest World War II veterans will be honored at Wednesday’s Twins game.

Congressional Medal of Honor recipient Sgt. Hosea Roberson, 99, served in the Marines.

He is gearing up for an honor fit for a south Minneapolis native — raising the colors at a Minnesota Twins game.

Roberson will use this celebration of his service to remember the men he served with, many who died without any recognition at all.

“At the time it was segregated, so we had separate units,” Roberson said.

He was a Montford Point Marine. Montford Point was established in 1945 to accommodate Blacks in the segregated Marine Corp.

Not only was Roberson fighting for victory in the war, he was also fighting for victory in the war at home — the battle against racism.

President Barack Obama honored Roberson and other Marines who served at Montfort Point with the Congressional Medal of Honor.  

Hosea Roberson


“There are some things you don’t bring out. There are things you don’t mention,” Roberson said.

He only told his family he was drafted in 1943, assigned to the ammunition division, which at the time was an extremely dangerous job.

“He really didn’t talk about it. He just said, ‘Yeah, I was a sergeant.’ He was a drill sergeant. He never got into the specifics,” said his son Marcus Roberson.

He did share his life’s motto: You have to be faithful, you got to tell the truth, you have to stick to your work.

“Believe that,” Roberson said.

Believe that this member of the Greatest Generation is living life to the fullest, proud of the family he raised and the country he served.

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