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Fox hangs out on Daphne family’s front porch | News

DAPHNE, ALA. (WALA)- A family new to Daphne, got a housewarming visit by an unwelcome guest.

A red fox made itself at home on their front porch and they caught it all on camera.

The Osborne’s were about to head to mass Saturday when they saw it.

John Osborne said, “My daughter, Ann Marie, was walking past this window right here, and she looked outside and she said, Dad, there’s a fox sitting in the chair, and I just kind of gave her that look like really? But, I got out of off the couch walked over to the window, looked outside and it was a fox sitting in the chair.”

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John, Julie and Ann Marie thought it was a dog or cat at first, but the ears were a dead give away. They were staring out their front porch windows at a fox!

“I tapped on the window because he was faced this way, and we tapped on the window just to get him to turn around and look at us and when he did, we took a couple of pictures of him and took a video,” said Osborne.

The Osborne’s moved from north Alabama to Belrose Ave. three months ago. This wasn’t the ‘welcome to the coast’ they were expecting.

Osborne said, “I don’t even know if we’ve ever seen a fox alive, but it was quite a surprise to see that now, so we’re trying to get used to alligators and foxes and you know all these other wild animals around here.”

Needing to head to mass, the Osbornes became antsy and started tapping on the window some more. After giving them a little stare down, the fox finally headed out.

“He got down walked to the end of the porch, stood there for a minute turned around walked back to the chair… got back in the chair and so he sat there for a few minutes longer we tapped on the window again and then he eventually got up and just eased off wasn’t in a hurry at all,” said Osborne.

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Unless they are rabid, which is rare, the Humane Society of the United States says foxes are not dangerous to humans. The Humane Society advised you just leave them alone and walk away.

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